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Update - it’s gone :-/

The Shed studio has now been replaced, after 15 years service to hundreds of local band members, with The summerhouse

The History

You know how old shed’s turn into music practice rooms don’t you? Yes you do…

…and suddenly your shed is a music room, come tool store, come dangerous chemical locker (and that’s just the teenagers!)

Then the roof gives way one winter, so you patch it up ASAP, then a whole panel rots through at the back, so you patch that up too… now the music gear is in danger of being flooded if it rains, it’s too hot in summer, too cold in winter and too noisy all the year round :) In short, we need a plan…

The Plan

The music is good, but the neighbours need protection, the band need to get some proper recording work done (besides I’ve always wanted my own recording studio) and I might like a home office, so a plan is hatched, discussed and cogitated upon:

The Supplier

So who would supply a custom sized heavy duty shed at a reasonable price? After much Googling Angela found Taylors Garden Buildings, who were able to make a shed to the required height (9 feet), and locate the door and windows appropriately, but best of all deliver cheaply since they were in our region (East Anglia) - we placed our order and waited…

The Garage Roof

After a minor delay (apparantly there was a bit of a rush on sheds this autumn!), the nice chaps with a van arrived - and asked me how I intended to get the large, heavy panels into the back garden. Much to their astonishment I explained that we intended to lift them over the garage roof, since we have no side access and the land behind the plot is council owned and bordered by a high privet hedge which I considered more difficult to negotiate than a solid flat-roof garage!

With much assistance from Martin, Robert, Joseph, Angela and Stuart and a couple of ladders we were able to carry the panels over the garage roof, slowly but surely. As requested by the chaps who delivered them, here are some photos of this process :)


As ever - nothing is possible without some enthusiastic helpers:

Demolition & construction follows… more »