It’s amazing the things you find in people’s lofts, in this case a pristine 1996 BT Wireplay trial pack, let’s see what you got way back when..

BT Wireplay trial box

This is a CD sized stiff plastic case, about 3cm thick.. inside we have:

A sheet of instructions, the unopened feedback questionnaire, and a multi-CD case. Here’s what the instructions say:

We also have a covering letter from the operations manager (Hi Richard!):

Opening the CD case we find more paperwork at the front, inlcuding some sweet untouched stickers!

..then at the back, the CD with the client software:

So you want a copy of the CD contents right… Come Get Some! NB: this ZIP contains both the trial (V1.4A) and the later updated (V1.5H) client.

Bonus finds!

Stu also had the install CD for the first V2.0 Windows & DOS clients:

Phil just found this in his garage, one of the CD-RWs created to send to the pressing plant (this is probably an escrow copy, archive no 2):

So do they still run?

Of course they do :)

anyone fancy setting up a server for these?