UPDATE: 2023 - We got interviewed

Recently, the excellent CrossedWires Podcast asked us for an interview, how could we refuse? You can use the previous link to listen to us steamrollering poor James the host!

UPDATE: 2022 - Off to the museum

All the physical goodies below have now been donated to the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, UK. We hope that in time they will be merged into their exhibits on on-line gaming and multi-player games.

Handing over the goodies to the centre for computing history

It’s amazing the things you find in people’s lofts, in this case a pristine 1996 BT Wireplay trial pack, let’s see what you got way back when..

BT Wireplay trial box

This is a CD sized stiff plastic case, about 3cm thick.. inside we have:

A sheet of instructions, the unopened feedback questionnaire, and a multi-CD case. Here’s what the instructions say:

We also have a covering letter from the operations manager (Hi Richard!):

Opening the CD case we find more paperwork at the front, inlcuding some sweet untouched stickers!

..then at the back, the CD with the client software:

So you want a copy of the CD contents right… Come Get Some! NB: this ZIP contains both the trial (V1.4A) and the later updated (V1.5H) client.

Bonus finds!

Stu also had the install CD for the first V2.0 Windows & DOS clients:

Phil just found this in his garage, one of the CD-RWs created to send to the pressing plant (this is probably an escrow copy, archive no 2):

So do they still run?

Of course they do :)

anyone fancy setting up a server for these?