Slightly Acidic

What do you call a sharp-edged, slight funky/quirky electric folk/rock band (anything, they can’t hear you - ed.)? Ours was called pH5 (geddit?), and it existed from ~1994 - 1999. Band members:

  • Dr. Simon Phoenix: keyboard wizard, technohead, muso and lyricist.
  • Stuart: guitars, percussion, engineering and vocals
  • Phil: bass, percussion, engineering.
  • Maurice Patrick, violin - just that, but bloody good at it :)

New(ish) Material (2009!)

Back in 2009 - Phil uncovered a couple of un-mastered tracks recorded by pH5 back in late ‘99 or thereabouts - probably in Stuart’s house, just before the band separated to pursue their own interests, so for your listening delight, I mixed them for release here:

Old Material

For your entertainment, here are the tracks from our one and only half-decent studio album, recorded in 1996 at the Driveway Studio in Trimley St Mary (cheers Colin!):

CD’s available on request for a minimal reproduction fee of £2.00 - please contact Phil if you would like one.