We are a small family software firm with a wide range of experience in embedded systems, personal computer applications, and distributed systems fields.


  • Phil Ashby: Currently a technical architect with GB Group.
  • Stuart Ashby: The recently retired interactive TV systems architect with NDS, a major technology provider to several large TV companies.


We consider ourselves to be expert in both high level OO design (systems and software), and low level systems programming with published work in both areas, including:

  • a real-time interactive TV platform (QVC Active)
  • a UK scale interactive speech system (!CallMinder)
  • a world-wide multi-player gaming system (Wireplay3)
  • a Windows device driver (Wireplay.VxD)
  • an Internet content filter (ICRAfilter)
  • a professional hosting service portal (BT Selfcare)

We enjoy working with the C/C++, Java & .NET ecosystems, where our depth of experience allows us to work with many target environments (eg: Windows, Linux, VxWorks, Solaris, OpenTV), in particular hetrogeneous distributed platforms.

We also have some experience with assembly code on Intel x86, SPARC & ARM CPUs, but prefer not to mention it in these 4th-gen language days ;-)

Happy Customers..

We have sucessfully delivered software for large and small customers such as:

  • QVC UK, whose QVC Active shopping system was developed by Stuart and his team in his day job..
  • MTV, whose interactive service on Telewest is powered by software developed by Stuart in his day job..
  • BTexact, whose Internet site content is managed and published through a system developed by Phil in his day job..
  • The Internet Content Rating Association, who asked Phil to develop their network filtering software (ICRAfilter).
  • Wireplay, where Phil & Stuart lead the devlopment team whilst working for both BT and Gameplay.com.

Contact Us

All enquiries for more information, or quotes: enquiries@ashbysoft.com

Support requests for existing customers: support@ashbysoft.com