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Hi, I am Martin, member of the Ashby family, physics student at Warwick University, and wannabe musician. I will reply to email I find interesting, and I also have facebook.


Consists of getting along with everyone if possible, particularly my girlfriend Georgia. At some point in the near future I will realise that guitar hero is not the path to passing my degree and do some work. In the meantime I proceed with normal student/teenager like activities, plus walking, cycling and minus some of the drinking.


I do have some, somewhere :) they know who they are and most of them have facebook or some means of communication available to them. Also I probably owe some of them money…


In no way do I attempt to predict the future, but after my degree I will inevitably need to pay off student debt. I hope to do this by moving in with Georgia plus friends and getting some kind of real work. I would much prefer to do this by starting some kind of musical career, writing and/or performing interesting and varied bits of popular music entertainment. As a back up option I have always considered robbing a bank or pulling off some major fraud, although now this is publicly disclosed I would hasten to add that it is very unlikely.


I describe myself as wannabe musician purely because I am not a pro. I have however been playing drums for nearly 8 years, guitar for 5 years and other instruments as and when people have shown me how to play them. I have featured in numerous musical escapades, most recently playing bass guitar and drums in Quorn. Since joining Warwick Uni I have become an active member of the drumming society, and have developed a taste for samba.


I attended St Albans RC High school in Ipswich, including 6th form, and came out with some A levels and GCSEs: A’s in maths, more maths and physics, and a C in French. I am now on a 3 year course in Physics at Warwick University as previously mentioned, which is pretty interesting most of the time, and not too much work so far. This will change no doubt.


For entertainment I have many options, most preferable is adventuring with Georgia. Recent times have seen us walk around 20 miles or something like that, see some amazing sights and find tyre swings. Jamming with Robert is another favourite activity, and others to follow include guitar hero in Whitefields 6, drumming sociey sessions, cycling and other sports, and just random things that happen really.

NB: If you are Carl Free, please get a life.