FUNcube Next

to boldly go…

Creating an open platform in space

(with apologies to Mr Dickens)

FUNcube Past

(learning from the ghosts of previous missions)

  • Ambition pays off :)
  • Timing is everything!
  • Testing is also everything!
  • Team size matters - close working is effective
  • Documentation matters - multi-party confidence
  • Engagement was limited :(

FUNcube Present

(creating our new mission)

  • Do something new and ambitious...
  • Address engagement and documentation...
  • Keep small teams, keep things moving...
  • Build & launch an open space platform...
  • Using managed, modular, popular tech...
  • Materially lowering the barrier to entry...
  • So *anyone* can do experiments in space!

FUNcube Future

(what might that look like?)

proposed OBC architecture

FUNcube Next

(so what happens next?)

  • FUNcube Team:
    • Firm up choice of MCUs & interconnects
    • Produce ICD/APIs (sensors, telemetry, radios)
    • Gain launch approval of design
    • Develop platform to ICD/APIs
  • Experimenters:
    • Design experiments, play with dev kits
    • Engage with FUNcube team via Github (TBD!)
    • Have fun :)

ME :)


  • Questions?